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Walkways in Baška

The craggy coastal landscape in the surrounding area of Baška is captivating and attracts many visitors. For all lovers of mountain heights who enjoy hiking, there are 16 marked tourist trails  around Baška, with a total length of 80 km.

The trails range from  easy to  those more demanding, so everyone can choose according to their abilities, wishes or inclinations. And when you reach one of the mountain tops, you will be able to enjoy some spectacular and breathtaking views. For safety reasons, you should take a map of the hiking trails along - it provides a description of each trail and gives plenty of useful instructions and information as what to expect along the way. At the end of the trail that takes you to Vela Luka, you can treat yourself to lunch at the snack bar on the beautiful beach in the most attractive bay in the surrounding area.

Have a good time on the hiking trails of Baška, and don't forget to take your camera. Look after the environment too, so other visitors can  enjoy these natural beauties as well.